Accurate Reservation Guarantee Back

Our members’ vacation enjoyment is of paramount importance to the club.  One key factor in this is the accuracy of reservations. Nothing can spoil or ruin a vacation as quickly as reservations not being as planned. As a valued member, you have our assurance that the accuracy of your reservations is of the highest importance to us and as such, we have put in place many checks and balances to ensure that we are being as accurate and proficient as we can. Rest assured though, that should there be any errors, we will quickly work with our travel partners to make it right.  If the error is ours, we guarantee to make it right, regardless of cost.. Period.

Below are some examples of mistakes we have made, and what we did to correct it. We believe that, what sets companies apart is not whether they make mistakes or not, but what they do to correct these mistakes once they have been made. You decide…

  • After discussing several cruise options, member L from Keller TX decided to book a cruise leaving on 5/29/10. Unfortunately, we mistakenly booked and applied payment to the wrong sail date. Since the paid for reservation was a flash promotion, and as a result non-refundable, a simple cancellation and rebook was not an option. As a result, we quickly rebooked the correct sailing for the member with an out of pocket expense to the club of $3273.76. Member went on the cruise and had a wonderful time.
  • Member H from Castle Rock CO, called to book a Packaged Vacation to Las Vegas. The club unfortunately booked incorrect flights for them. Upon discovery of this, we rebooked the correct flights, and paid the airline change fee of $140.00 to do so.
  • Member E from Sandy UT called and booked 6 cabins on an Alaska cruise and opted to purchase the’ Cancel For Any Reason’ insurance. Unfortunately, due to an oversight, the club failed to add the requested insurance to the reservation. For personal reasons one of the couples needed to cancel, and without the insurance, was now subject to cancellation penalties. Realizing our mistake, the club stepped in, cancelled the requested cabin and reimbursed the couple $1180.50 that was lost due to penalties.
  • Member C from Bath, New Hampshire called the club to book flights to Anchorage Alaska. Unfortunately, the Club failed to apply final payment on a member’s airfare and the airlines cancelled the reservation. The error was soon caught, however, by then the airfare had increased. The club rebooked the member on the desired flight and paid for the increase. A total out-of-pocket expense of $120.92 to the club.
  • On a flight to Dallas TX, the club booked incorrect return dates on two airline tickets for member O from Cleburne TX. Upon discovery of the error, the club quickly rebooked the correct return flight and paid the airline change fees of $221.00.
  • Member R from Watkins Minnesota contacted the club to book flights to Seattle. The club accidentally double-booked flights for members, resulting to two charges to the member’s credit card. Since flights were non-refundable, the club issued a refund to the member at an out of pocket expense of $878.00.

If you feel that there may be an error on your reservation, please contact us immediately at 800-204-4788, so that we can look into resolving the issue at hand as quickly as possible.

*All Errors claims are subject to review and assessment process. For a copy of full disclosure of our “review and assessment” procedures please call us at 800-204-4788.